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tv   News  ABC  July 21, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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maryland's most powerful radar, things are dry in terms of rain falling from the sky but the dew points are up there. we are dealing with a lot of humidity. the temperature in towson is coming in at 77 degrees. but it feels like early this morning it feels like 84 degrees out there. we will be seeing more of that going throughout the day. temperatures right now at 76 in darlington. now over to tonya with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 95 southbound traveling fine from white marsh. no problems there. we have a problem at the harbor tunnel as we saw it slow done earlier. southbound traffic is shut down due to a disabled vehicle inside the tunnel. so, it's going to take a while now to go through southbound on the harbor tunnel. northbound is moving fine. so there's no problems to report there. 50 eastbound just before the severn river bridge the car fire is out and it's on the right shoulder. megan. >> thanks. when the nfl lockout is going to end is what we want to know. there are signs it could be
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soon. the league's 32 owners will meet in atlanta this morning. they are expected to vote on a labor agreement with the players union. but it comes after a move that surprised a lot of people on wednesday when the players didn't vote on a deal. sherrie johnson joins with us more this morning. sherrie. >> reporter: after four months of uncertainty, nfl fans are holding their breaths hoping for an agreement between the players association and the team owners. at the center of the conflict, what to do with some 9 billion dollars in annual revenue. both sides want a bigger cut. the players were expected to take a vote wednesday. but they stopped short of making any progress. in atlanta, it appears team owners might approve the agreement. some say this is good news for football fans. >> it's complicate aid greement -- it's a complicated agreement but i think both sides are where they can close. they should close and we should be in a position to take votes. >> reporter: the deal must be
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approved by 24 of the 32 ownersen and ratified by a majority of the nearly 2,000 players the players could make a vote to reform the union and approve the deal. blawlt baltimore city a places all over the state could feel a economic impact if the deal is not reached -- baltimore city and places all over the state could feel an economic impact if the deal is not reached. they stand to lose 4 million dollars in revenue should a lockout cancel the season money they need to pay off the stadium. 75 former nfl players are suing the league and sports equipment maker rydell claiming they concealed information about the dangers were concussions. they claim the league knew for 75 years concussions posed long- term health risk and they didn't warn players, coaches andtrainers. they say they suffered from blurred vision and depression resulting from concussion that is comes from the hits and
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tackles we see every sunday. 12k3w4r-6:32. 2. a mother and her three daughters are dead after-- a mother and her three daughters are dead after a flash flood swept the road in southern wyoming tuesday morning. the family was evacuating from a camp ground when a 25-foot section of the road disappeared and the van plummeted into a creek. the rushing waters carried the van 75 yards downstream. the husband survived from county emergency management washed downstream. that driver also survived. the 1999 columbine high school yearbook went up for auction with bids reaching $700 but sarah bay says it was stolen that year was the year the massacre and includes pictures of the students who opened fire and the one who is died. they he thought it was tucked away at her parents house until a friend sent hear link to an auction site. she says her yearbook and her photo on the front cover.
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arizona launched a fund raising website as the first step in a newly authorized project to use private donations and inmate labor to build fencing along the u.s.- mexico border. the website build a border received nearly 900 donations totaling about $40,000 within the first 17 hours. some city official want a casino in baltimore city but we learned overnight there's been a new development in that license. now a ruling helps state officials. you will see thousands of firefighters in baltimore. i am linda so. they will be here for the annual firehouse expo convention. what makes this year extra special.
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now "good morning
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maryland." we have had -- it happens every year but this year things will be different. >> the annual firehouse expo starts today at the baltimore convention center. and linda so is there live this morning to tell us why things really might get emotional this year. right? >> reporter: yes, we are coming up on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. a lot of moving tributes are planned today. to tell us more is show director ed joins us this morning. you said today at two there's going to be a stair climb. really emotional? >> yeah. very much. national fallen firefighters foundation holds the stair climb around the country but we are excited to have them here today. we will have up to 343 participants that matches the number of fire fighters that perished in the world trade center. it's 110 story stair climate the hilton here at the convention center. and each participant will hold a portrait of one of the fallen firefighters. this is opened to the public. we have some availability
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still. so if people want to come down, we would love to have them join a great cause and the national fallen firefighters foundation is all about supporting the families of fallen firefighters. >> reporter: and if they want to join, they have to come and register beforehand? >> yes they can do it here at the convention center or up at the hilton lobby until one. >> reporter: and you are going on starting today you will be here through saturday. >> through saturday and the next two days all about firefighter training and our exhibit floor will be open which is over 250 companies, 21 linear miles of exhibit. saturday is open to the public. saturday, we have what we call our free market, but really it's about collectibles. a great opportunity for the city to come down and see the heros. the city has been so wonderful to us so if people can come down, we would love to have them. >> reporter: thanks for coming back and joining us this
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morning. a lot of great things going on today through saturday, the annual firehouse expo at baltimore convention center. back to you. >> thanks so much. america is madeep debt cries nice a maryland senator is sick and tired of the games. >> what a sham what a scam. i would be tempted to blow it off if it were not so cruel, stiped and dangerous. >> tell us how you feel senator mikulski fires back over the debt showdown ants anger boiling from democrats this morning. a night in the hospital for ten people who became sick at the ronald mcdonald house in baltimore citych the issue is is what happened. a historic landing we brought you live this morning on "good morning maryland" less than an hour ago. the nasa space shuttle program is now over. a live picture from
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downtown baltimore. the heat rises and the warning bge has for you. what you need to do to stay cool and conserve he of energy. -- conserve energy. humidity is high this morning and in the afternoon, temperatures will soar near the triple digits. i will tell you how long we will be flirting with this type ofheat. all that is coming up. >> reporter: major delays 895 southbound at the harbor tunnel which is shut down. i will tell you the status of the slowdown and the shutdown when oid good morning maryland -- when "good morning maryland" continues.
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now "good morning maryland." main gear touchdown. >> we have seen it here live, the space shuttle program came to an end. >> the record crowd of 2,000 watched the landing bringing an end to the 307b year program. -- 30-year program it. started -- program. it started in 1981. >> these are live pictures from
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cape canaveral. it was the spectacular day, a safe landing which is something we like to see. >> we do. everyone is going to remember where they were when challenger and columbia's reentry. you will remember where you were as you look back on the 30- year history of the program in nasa. 6:45. another big story this morning, scorching temperatures today. and we are going to be pushing 100 degrees. >> a live look downtown in baltimore. but it's the humidity that is giving the problems this morning. we didn't get to 95. >> i know. it's hard to believe the plants we were seeing weren't wilting because i think that's how you feel when you step outside. >> give me some water. >> so the high temperatures forcing city schools code red summer programs to be closed today and tomorrow. >> affecting schools without air conditioning only. lynette charles when can we spec a break? >> -- expect a break.
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>> i am thinking tuesday. around 95 on sunday and the forecast goes 92 into the 90s upper 80s. so, that's what i am thinking. right now, though, the moisture levels they are up there. it's so moi's moist outside and sultry. we can see the 70s o-- it's so moist outside and sultry. we can see the 70s. the dome of high pressure is a heat dome and that's what's moving into our area for today and as we go throughout the beginning of the weekend. we have the humid air and heat set up. so all that is doing is reinforcing that hot air. so future radar not picking up on a lot going throughout the day. i am not going to rule out a chance for an isolated thunderstorm to pop when it's this hot. that can happen. for today, that temperature close to 100 degrees but it's going to feel over that. well over that about 110 throughout the day. and by tonight, the temperature right around 78 degrees. still hazy and sticky and by tomorrow, it's going to feel even hotter. 115 with the actual temperature coming in at 101.
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let's go over to tonya with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. i have great news for you because the harbor tunnel southbound has opened back up to traffic. let's look. this had been completely shut down a minute ago due to a disable vehicle that's been cleared out of the tunnel. so you can take the harbor tunnel southbound again if you are leaving home now. it should be okay. ridgely street, we have that closed because two trains are stuck in the howard street tunnel. back to you. >> 6:47. it's going to be another scorcher today. a lot of us have the ac cranked in our homes trying to get relief from the extreme heat. abc2 news linda so is live this morning with hands full of tips helpful to save money on the bge bill. linda, it's work overtime right now. >> reporter: it is. you know, you and i were alldreading getting the bill in the mail but there are things you can do to save money on the bge bill. you can keep your curtins and
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blinds closed to keep the sunlight from getting in. try not to set the thermostat below 78 and don't use appliance that is generate a lot of heat like your oven and stove and dryer. try to use them very early in the morning or late at night. >> if you can take steps in other areas, like not using your appliances that generate a lot of heat until after 9:00 when the temperature goes down and take other actions, you can at least minimize the impact of that increased useage caused by the extreme weather. >> reporter: you can also enroll in bg's. peak rewards program which basically gives the company the power to cut off your ac compressor during the peak demand hours. you can save money by doing that on your next bill. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks so much. abc2 is your source for the extensive coverage this week and whenever it gets just like this, so hot, go to
6:49 am for the latest on the code red heat alert and the slide show. scroll down under featured stories and click on the special report hot weather guide. well, they are in town to care for the sick children when all of a sudden the tables turned. several people at ronald mcdonald house were taken to the hospital after complaining of nausea. sherrie johnson is here with the latest on the developments. >> reporter: yes, authorities are trying to figure out what made people very sick last night. they were all staying at the ronald mcdonald house and it's near the university of maryland hospital around the corner from lexington market. some of them were having dinner at the time. seven adults and three children from the house were rushed to the hospital. crews went into the house to check for co poisoning and anything else that could have been hazardous. they didn't find any signs of danger. authorities say it's too soon to tell if it was a case of food poisoning. people at house are away from their homes caring for their sick kids and they are in the hospital.
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once again authorities plan to continue looking into the cause for those illnesses. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a safety alert in ellicott city. a teen is missing and her parents are frantic to find her. look at your screen. this is a picture of her. this is 16 yearly emily katherine wright who may be in annapolis. she is considered an endangered run away. emily has pierceings in her ears and nose and stong and naval. and she has tattoos on her lower back and hip. if you have information on her whereabouts, they would like to hear from you. you are asked to call the national center for missing and exploited children call 1-800- 843-5678 and you can call howard county police. the number 410-313-2929. we are standing by this morning to hear more about a big announcement from baltimore county executive ken kamenetz about the program the new my
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neighborhood online map tool that will give you information on an address in your community such as zoning classifications or tax maps and it will provide you with a census information and environmental features. it will be ready for use around 11:30 this morning. howard county climbing instructor with legal issues after being indicted accused of a sexual relationship with a 14- year-old michael lyons worked at earth tracks until he was arrested last month. he is charged with sexual abuse of a minor as well as sexual solicitation of a minor. officers arrested another climbing instructor 20-year-old daniel. the normed of the swim club is going to prison for child pornography. a judge sentenced ira charles rigger yesterday after he pleaded guilty. the padonia pool is on jennifer road in cockeysville and since has arrest he has been banned from stepping foot on the property again. police took his laptop and computer and found photographs
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of nude young girls on both. anne arundel county fire official say a man drowned after jumping off a pier. charles thompson jump off -- jump off the end of the pier tuesday and didn't resurface. his body was located about an hour later. it was taken to the office of the state medical examiner in baltimore for an autopsy. we are not going to know for two months who wants to bid forawed cassini -- for a casino license. the state will have more time review questions. the decision was made after the mayor announced the plan to use casino revenue to lower property taxes for baltimore city owners. 6:52. president obama is softening the stance on negotiations to raise the government's borrowing power and tempers are flaring as republicans and democrats try to reach a short- term deal. >> once again, the radical
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right is more worried about protecting their next election than protecting the greatest generation. or investing in the next generation. what a sham. what a scam. i would be tempted to just blow it off if it were not so cruel, stupid and dangerous. >> the commander in chief says that he would sign a temporary agreement to prevent a financial default and is a far cry from the original stance that he said whoa veto a short- term deal. the negotiations will continue in washington today the second day of august, august 2nd is the deadline less than two weeks away. all right. in our democracy 2011 report this morning, those running against her say the current mayor doesn't go far enough. but mayor stephanie rawlings- blake says it's start and is proposing a 9% property tax cut over nine years and wants to use the money from slots to help. the city's tax rate is almost twice as high as surrounding
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counties. the proposal adds up to about 20 cents off your tax bill by 2020. five things to know before heading out the door. school bod -- full body scans have caused controversy and you will see how a generic outline of a person instead of a pass injure's full image. they are currently about 500 scanners at 78 u.s. airports including here in baltimore. maryland is the 5th worst state when it comes to toxic air pollution from power plants a report by the natural resource defense council says 91% of the toxins in our air come from power plants. the most toxic state is ohio. nfl owners and players are putting the phenyl touches on a labor agreement they plan on voting on. a person close to the investigation says there's a few issues to be worked out. the players have been locked out for four months. and following the end of the minnesota government
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shutdown, 22,000 people were laid off as a result. they will return to work today and the shutdown ended yesterday after lawmakers passed a budget and the governor signed that into law. and die-hard comic fans are celebrating in san diego comic con international kicks off. the event features movie viewings and talks with artist and gives fans a first glass of comic games and animation. and baltimore mass a comic festival for fans starting next friday. that's good people watching. let's face it people don't send mail the way they used to. kid get technical with the computers. the mailbox delivery is going to be limited as a result. post master general told usa today he is preticketing within 15 years mail service will be reduced to just three days a week. that prediction is based on projected 8.3 billion dollar loss for the postal service just over last year. >> is there snow in the video?
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>> i don't know. the kid and the computers. >> darned tooten. >> what you 100. >> i walk around with a laptop and everybody has a ipod and staring at my iphone. >> and vow cab that tax you back to 1910. >> and whipper snapers. >> well, it's going to be hot out there. darned right we are going to be dealing with that excessive heat warning in effect today at lunchtime and it remains in effect until tomorrow afternoon or evening. and we can see the triple digits on friday also saturday and you have been wondering when we will cool down? it won't happen until tuesday. basically we can see upper 80s around 90. >> talking about the compute we could -- compute, we could use colorful words on the commute. >> reporter: 895 is open but ridgely street is closed two trains are stuck in the howard street tunnel. >> good things to keep in mind as you head out the door this morning. thanks for joining us. it's hot out and miserable,
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